I am sick and tired of the junk/spam email I get all day long. This is my first attempt to activly fight it.
The principle of this battle is simple and old: "Fight fire with fire".
Hence, the basic idea around this will be that if they spam us, we will also spam them. The difference being that we will be many and we will not be spam-like.
Let me elaborate.
In the following weeks (well, years, apparently), after this section as a web page will be done, I will write a small piece of software that will sit on ones computer in the tray (near the clock for those of you who are not technically savvy) and will silently or activelly send email messages to specific addresses.
Basically, it will work like this:

  • you have one (or more) email address(es) that you will enroll in this programme
  • the application will use that(those) email address(es) to send out the anti-spam message (using your browser, pop, imap, etc)
  • the application will get the email addresses to attack from my server (thus eliminating abuse)
  • you will have the option to write custom messages, templated messages, etc with whatever you like but keeping in mind that you will be the sole responsible for the content. So in case you use this system for illegal activities or for spamming, you will be liable. This system is meant for the honest people.
  • the addresses to attack on my server will be harvested from YOU and a few collector email addresses acting as bait. You get a spam email message and you will forward that to a collector email address on my site. I will manually verify if the message is indeed spam and if so, I will search for valid email addresses associated with it's content (web site promotion, service promotion, etc).

This WILL NOT fight spam comming from viruses, phishing and other related threats. This service is solely to discourage spam amongst businesses and people promoting their products/services to email address bought OR harvested from the internet.
I get a lot of junk from companies that are sending me their offers because they found my email address on some public website, or listed in some directory or etc. That's all bullshit and will be treated as such.

You might ask yourselves: what good will this come at? Imagine that 1000 people are using this service. That means 1000 VALID and not-for-spam used email addresses. This also means 1000 DIFFERENT emails with different contents in which my site will NOT be listed so there will be little to no way of filtering them all.
So imagine that you are a spamming idiot, promoting their website. And suddenly you start getting 1000 emails per day on all your email addresses listed for contacting you. And after a few days of this pain, your ISP, your email provider, your hosting company, the police from your work/live place and any other authorities that can do something about this issue will be contacted personally by ME and given proof that you are using SPAM to promote your business. In most countries this is against the law.
And those authorities will be very happy to assist us, because otherwise they face the possibility of 1000 emails, per day, for each service that the 1000 users got spammed for, formed as a complaint and sent to their complaint department. And I'm sure they don't want 1000 complaints for the same website/email address/whatever and instead will be happy to solve one complaint, comming from me, in the name of 1000 people.
Spammers exist because such companies are willing to pay for the list of email addresses. So, we strike in the root of the problem: if no companies will want to buy email addresses no money will come for the spammers who gather them. No pay, no game :)

The first step is done. I have created this page for awearness and also created the first collector email address: collector@ciuly.com. Don't try to contact me on that address, instead use the contact page.
You can post the above address on any site you want in any format you want. That is the main collector, used as bait for spiders searching for email addresses. DO NOT use the above email address to forward spam/junk email. There will be another email address for that as soon as this webpage is finished and you can register and enroll in the program.

So, the next step will be to finish off this website: adding registration, creating another collector email address for forwarding junk and database for storing the found email addresses to attack.

A little over a year has passed since I wrote this article and I yet to have time to start on the application. However, this is not stopped. I already have gathered quite a few spam emails that are valid for this program which basically means that once a certain user-base is created, we're ready to go.
I do hope I will be able to start this service by the end of this year. But only time will tell.