This is the page where I will deal with the business part of my internet life.

For starters, this is willl not be a company. It's something lower, meaning you don't have so many stuff to do, like bookkeeping and a like, but you are still registerd at IRS.

I started the paperwork around 26th of February 2007.
On 16th of march I dropped in all paperwork at the city hall.
I had to return in about 12 days for the authorization.
On 29th of March I finally got the authorization. Registered at whatever-its-name-is for an Unique Identification Number, and I had to return in 7 business days after it.
Got the UIN on 12th of April. Registered somewhere else for a Fiscal Code or something like that. Had to return in 2 weeks after it.
Started to gather information on how to keep in order the papers, what papers I need, declarations and all that. This information seems to be lacking as very few know very little.
Good news: the money I make, after I pay taxes, is ALL mine :D
Turns out I don't need that Fiscal Code after all.
Made a bank account in local currency and euro :). Also made a stamper.
There is no longer need for a Fiscal Code. Yeah, things change radically in this country.

Then, there is more to do which I don't know quite yet, but I'll kep you posted.

I know this sounds and looks like a blog, rather than a business page but ... I'm not a business man just yet.
I will however work on making something more good-looking and user friendly. (which later in late 2010 did happen).

Also in late 2010, on the 23rd of August to be more precise, I closed down my business. I also Got a full time job a month earlier. I will keep this page up though and will probably re-try this business next year as things have gone really mad and stupid in this country related to self-employment, taxes and alike.

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