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The hub has been closed/discontinued starting with april 2009.

The forum is up.

Please read this section before using and/or downloading anything from this site. Website Disclaimer

Please read this section before using and/or downloading anything from the HUB. Hub Disclaimer

Hub address: dchub://
VOTE for hub:

There is no limit for share/slots etc, but I do ask you to keep it clean and not try to crash it.

Please read the hub rules. Thank you.

There is a list of kick/ban issues here you should read before sending any messages related to such issues. Thank you.

I am also considering giving VIP status to those who can be called "regulars" of this hub.
What a regular user is? Well... one that has the following "characteristics":

  • stays a lot on the channel
  • I know him/her :)
  • brings other users (this one will be a little hard to prove. I'll think of something. Probably the best way would be through referral... I'll keep thinking :)
  • makes good suggestions in order to improve the hub/service/etc
  • brings solutions to existing problems (I don't know of any problem .. yet :) )
  • helps me on the website (currently not needed, but in a month or two I intend to start a forum, so then there will be a lot to do :) )

A regular user can also easily become an OP :)

Other hubs in the area (type "+url" without the quotes in main chat for the latest list):

  1. DC Sci-Fi
  2. Infodata Telecom DC Hub
  3. DC++ IT4WEB

Note (just for your information):
I run everything on my own machine, using my own personal internet connection; I setup/configure and maintain everything by myself. All necessary money comes out from my personal pocket. So all I ask is that you respect this. After all I'm doing this for you (and me :D) free of charge.


  • 23.04.2006 : Changed hub address from to dchub://
  • 15.01.2006 : Added ban.html for kick/ban issue tracking
  • 8.09.2005 : Modified web page structure. First step for internationalization. However, there might be differences between language versions of the page.
  • 24.09.2005 : DC Hub installed/configured/made available