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  1. NO cursing on the main chat. That user can be safely kicked.
  2. try not to flood the main chat. Failing to do so can and will get you kicked.
  3. Advertising (main chat or private message) is permitted with the following restrictions:
    1. user MUST remain present on the hub. Failing to do so, the user will get an indefinite tempban (and ip will be monitored)
    2. NO adult (xxx, morbid, etc), warez, etc. This will be result in a permban (ip will also be monitored)
    3. NOTE: The Impuls bot (modified version of Darkbot) will automatically ban unregistered users that advertise. Until I find a workaround or I get a solution, do your advertising in a not straitforward manner so it will not be detected by the bot.
  4. 3 temp-bans result in a perm-ban. The ban will be removed (or not) after receiving an email message or during a private discussion on the hub.
  5. using fake clients results in temp-ban
  6. using clones results in kick

If needed, more will come. It's up to the users if this list will grow or shrink :)

There is no limit for share/slots etc, but I do ask you to keep it clean and not try to crash it.