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I started to join affiliation programs. Main reason is to start making some money (last 2 years I only spent my money to provide free "stuff" as most of you already know).
I will also start my own affiliation programs somewhere in the near future. (now you know the reason of the high activity on the site for the past couple of months :) Expect more ;) )

  • Banners/links will appear only on relevant pages until the dynamic site is done.
  • If you have an affiliation program and at least on product targets the audience of one of the existing sections/web projects, don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Some of them will be from people/companies I choose, some from people/compnaies that have choosen me. In both cases, I will try to concentrate on relevant and quoality content/products.

GoDaddy affilition program via banners:

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