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Due to abuse of some of the services that I host on my server, I had to find a way of keeping the "smart" ones out, so here is a list with IP's that are currently banned from this server.
Currently, to be banned means to only be able to access the web server on port 80. Meaning that those that are banned can access the website and contact me via the contact form.
Why would anybody do this? Consider the problem of a server being banned because a script kiddie was spamming using their server. After they get rid of the problem, they might consider letting people know that the system is clean.
Or, just for the case someone wants to clear up some issues.

Anyway, here is the list. The list is updated hourly.
    -A spammers -s -j mydrop -A spammers -s -j mydrop -A spammers -s -j mydrop -A spammers -s -j mydrop
I've added spamassassin to xmail filters and wrote a small filter that rejects email that scores higher than a preset value.
So I no longer keep email spammers in my iptables firewall since it grew pretty big, pretty fast. This solution should keep them out of my system.

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