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I'm a little too busy to work on the site, so I'll just put some "usefull" info here:


  • I already am eployed full-time, so I only take part-time stuff. Very part-time.
  • My hourly rate is 20 euros/ US $30
  • My daily rate is 130 euros/ US $180
  • I work at most 2 hours a day. (Sometimes more, but in specific situations)
  • I work 5 days a week. (Again, sometimes more, but in specific situations). I'd rather not work the weekend: I am a family man.
  • I prefer working alone !!! That doesn't mean that I won't agree working in a team, it's just that I do better alone.
  • I give "free"* assistance on small tasks: doesn't worth spending 15+ euros to send me 10 euros ;)

(*) - free assistance can mean:

  • posting on my forum (no payment, just the fact that my forum/site is growing in content :D )
  • giving assistance on any other channels, but requiring, if possible, to place my name and website somewhere in the application/site

Where and how to hire

I do work through the following sites. If you have other preferences, do let me know, usually it's free for providers to subscribe :) (the list is in my preffered order)

  • odesk.com
  • Guru.com
  • you can also contact me directly, but in this scenario I'll require the payment to be done more often (eitehr per task, or every other day or once a week, depends on the work) since there is no guarantee I'll receive it
  • Update rent a coder (I no longer accept projects here, but I do bugfixing and maintenance)
  • Update get a freelancer

Update: I no longer do work per project, only per hour. So I will not sign up with any services that do not have a per/hour payment method nor will I accept projects paid as such. Why? Pretty simple: YOU are the one that is investing so why should I take the fall if things go wrong? I had a project on which I worked over a year for 1400 euros. That's a little over 10 euros per day working every day (I didn't have a job nor other projects during that time). So a FULL year only for 1400 euros when my monthly rent was 200 euros. And it was a one payment at the end. I'm not going through that again. You'r the investor, you should be the one to take the risks of a bad investment.


I can receive payments via (again, if you have some other preference, do let me know and I might subscribe there as well):

Buy my products

Following is a list of places where you can buy my products (NOTE: there aren't any yet. I tried to sell a few but to no avail):


You can contact me for the needed details. Use either my contact page or e-mail.

Other stuff

For historical reasons, I kept my "old" page wich I wrote while "in the making": How It Was Made

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