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What happens here?, you may ask. Well, it's pretty simple actually. I have some ideas. Some other people give me some other ideas. So I implement them.
First step is to come up with the idea.
Next step is to buy one or more domains (eg: ) with a name that represents that idea.
Then, implement the idea.

This is the place where these ideas will be put in list/order.

And my first idea came a few days ago: information is power.
So I am thinking of building a few sites to gather information. Why not do that on my site? Well, for starters, it would stuff my site way too much. Then, if I would think of modifying/selling my "creation", it would be pretty hard.
So there will be some new sites added from time to time, all linked to this main site.

The list:
  1. Google (aka gugal) misc information: mostly on how to improve your search skills for google
  2. Web Directory: free inclusions, human edited (more or less)
  3. Quote site

what can you do? When the site is up and running (meaning it won't redirect to this site or have some other notice that it's not usable), you can start using it. Contribute :)
Also, if you have an idea you can always contact me and maybe we'll start up something nice. ;)

Update: some (most) of my projects died out (more than 1 year passed and I didn't get the chance of working on them. So some of them were removed, some were moved as a subdomain here and msot of them got deleted without even being announced. Life goes on.

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