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This handy tool will help you decode all your archives from your computer without the need of being logged in Yahoo Messenger.
You will be able to:
  1. search entire archive or only a selected id or user or even just a message using full text or regular expression
  2. save entire archive or just a elected id or user or just one message
  3. you can also save your search resulted messages


  1. Mirror 1: Download from Softpedia
  2. Direct download Installer (exe, 1.11 MB)


For forum discussion and support click here.


  1. 24.08.2010 : added support to process a custom profile, not from the default installed yahoo profile list
  2. 09.05.2010 : added YM10 support, fixed logging paths, added app icon to start menu
  3. 28.05.2009 : added regex search, per node search, cancelling search and program icon
  4. 14.05.2009 : initial release


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