Privacy Policy applicable to every server resources including web, email, DC hub, etc.

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Consider reading the disclaimer if you haven't done so already.

I'll be short:
  • Every personal information provided by you, the user, is strictly confidential unless stated otherwise.
  • the username is a public information and will be displayed on site.
  • passwords, email addresses, ip addresses and anything else that is used to identify the user is confidential and will only be given to the authorities under the current laws of this country (Romania).
  • spammers & abusers & hackers & all other "outlaws". WILL be prevented from accessing this site and/or resources by means of blocking their account and/or blocking their access to the server by use of server firewall and configurations. However, anybody claiming the information for them will also have to go through the law to get them.
  • I WILL publish spammers/hackers IP addresses & other information to the coresponding blacklist sites/page IF they persist in their illicit activities.
  • And finaly, I WILL NOT publish, sell or otherwise give to a 3rd party any of the personal information of the users not falling in the above categories (spammers & abusers & hackers & all other "outlaws"). If you're good, you're fine and safe.

I will try to put something more "normal" on this page in the future. Right now this covers most of the aspects.

History of changes:
  • 06-mar-2007: integrated google adsense
  • 23-feb-2007: some typos were corrected :)
  • 12-feb-2007: initial draft

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