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Total number of hits since April 09, 2006: 1966

15.06.2008: Installed and setup awstats on my server. Now I should be able to follow what's of interest and improve the content

02.04.2008: Moved to my new home, changed my ISP (services should run better now, be more stable) and got myself a rDNS

18.02.2008: My Diablo 2 page.

10.01.2008: My grease monkey script for IPB (Invision Power Board). Written for

14.11.2007: Added a paypal donate button to the site.

01.08.2007: SpamAssassin is in the house :)

27.07.2007: Banlist now has automated spammer IP addresses here

20.07.2007: Sig count down (usefull on forums). generates an image from a text that has a countdown. Get yours here

23.05.2007: Web bookmarking is in the house :)

22.03.2007: Baught an Apollo Power 1065F (650VA) UPS

06.03.2007: Google AdSense is in the house :)

02.03.2007: Webmaster & Seo corner here

02.03.2007: Forum is up. See it here

24.02.2007: I started to join affiliation programs. (yeah, everybody needs money :P) More info here

23.02.2007: I started a new "direction" in my online life. Web projects. Read more here

12.02.2007: I have written the site privacy policy.
I have started implementing the registration part of the dynamic site. It will take about a month until you will be able to actually login.

31.01.2007 - 01.02.2007: I have added the site to google analitycs and for obvious reasons :) I'm excited on the information I am getting :D
I have also submited the delphi section to some web directories. Hope to get accepted.

31.01.2007 : Find out your IP: See here.

17.10.2006 : Utilities section started See here.

18.09.2006 : Created known issues list. See here.

23.04.2006 : History list updated See here.

History/Change Log. If I will remember, I will update this with all the changes I make to the site. See here.

ATTENTION: Major upgrade:
Changes on the TODO list:
1) install and setup mail server. DONE. - Contact page updated.
2) rewrite the site to be dinamic (this will effect the articles mostly) (started)
3) setup a private CVS repository DONE
4) setup up a publicly available BUGZILLA DONE

NOTE: C# section to be started sometime sometime in the future :)

Bugzilla. More info here. Direct access here.

DC Hub. No limits. Use but not abuse. More info here

Ban list/Black list: list of ip's and/or hosts that used to abuse this server and/or its services here

Please read this section before using and/or downloading anything from this site. Disclaimer

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